What to do after Debt validation letter?

Hello all, I recently joined after hearing about this place on the news. My credit is ok, and was getting better. I went through bankruptcy in 2018 and was doing well, with no new negative marks and was building, with just under a 700 score.

Then, Persolve, DBA ARS, hit my credit with a collections report, with an account that said it was a year and a half old. I had not heard of them and had never received anything from them in the mail. I researched what to do, sent a debt validation letter to them certified mail. After about a week and a half, my credit score went back up, Persolve changed the name of the collections account ( From ARS to Persolve legal, but it’s the same company) and put remarks that I was disputing it.

So far I have not yet received any validation ( they have until 8/1/21 to respond). So I guess my question is, what are my next steps on 8/2 if I don’t hear anything? Today I got a credit alert that the amount in collections went up, so they are continuing to change interest it appears.


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