Starting a Local Debt Collective Chapter

Hello Debt Collective members!

As we build our debtors’ union, members around the country are beginning to form local chapters to organize and support one another on a local and regional basis.

If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area, please fill out this form and someone from the Debt Collective will be in touch with next steps:

Please also read through our “Debt Collective Chapter Guidebook” to get an idea of how chapters operate and the core principles that all chapters follow.

We look forward to buiding debtor power with all of you!


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I just started doing some outreach for the San Diego chapter and we have a mailing list of nine people so far with little to no outreach. We are excited to start growing our numbers!

Hello! I was looking around a few days ago and saw some chatter about a NY chapter, but I can’t seem to find that info. Does a NY chapter exist?

hey @sbessette.jr, @wleah (Winona) is leading the charge to get one started in NYC. you can email her at

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