I’m fully disabled

Hi everyone,
I am 62, fully and permanently disabled, and refuse to pay Sallie Mae and her minions one thin dime. I am on SSDI. I was able to get federal loans discharged without too much of a major fight. Private loans with Sallie Mae have been a nightmare. I sent proof of SSDI status to an attorney office which now claims to have bought my loans from U S Asset Management, who bought them from Sallie Mae after Sallie Mae wrote them off. They don’t think I know my rights, but I do. I cannot pay almost $10K worth of loans on a bit over $600 month income. My husband is a co signer and is fully retired on Social Security. I know these people cannot garnish SS and SSDI for private loans. Just letting everyone out there know do not let these people bully you.


Lookup the article by Areille Gray. I last copied it from HuffPost. She explained how the DoEdu purposely gives us grants to place us in eternal debt. This is the modern day weapon used to dysfunction and overtake the nation. Debt cause us to commit suicide, work as “sheep,” become the neo-serfs for the “privileged.” Look up some Smoloko.com to learn more about who controls all debt, we owe.

Thanks! I’ll be honest, I’m not overly worried about it. I’ve been researching and I believe there’s nothing they can do due to my ssdi status and my husbNd being retired. We have no income that can be garnished and no assets that can be seized.

Oh No!! You are eligible to get your Student loan discharged. The Department of Education are discharging all Student loans for people with disabilities. Actually they have been doing it. You just have to file the form along with a disability form filled out by your Doctor and submit it to the Dept of ED. They will review your information and then inform you that your loan is canceled. I’m sorry I just went back and read your full post. You should still be able to get those private loans canceled too. Good Luck.

My federal loans were discharged. I have been on 3 year monitoring and should hear very soon that it’s over and done. They have been wonderful to work with.
The fight I’m having is with Sallie Mae private loans. They’re trying to avoid discharging the loans and sent them to collections. The collections people involved an attorney office. I wrote them that I am disabled and my husband is retired. They should know they cannot garnish ss and ssdi.