Hi I’m Stiles Seymens (Syracuse Graduate)

I attended in an ABA approved law school and accumulated about 181,000 in debt. To make matters worse I didn’t graduate with a Juris Doctor. I consolidated my debt into two accounts and enrolled the accounts in an income driven repayment plan. I’ve never paid more than $60 a month towards my loan balance but the 6% interest continues to push the overall balance higher. I work two jobs. My main source of income is as a delivery driver and my second job is typically a seasonal position doing clerical work. The debt is effecting my FICO 8 score. I’ve considered paying all that can afford towards the balance at $1200 a month but due to the interest rate it would take 28 years to pay off the balance. My income driven repayment plan has a 20 year term. The risk of taking on the debt doesn’t match the reward. I think the government should bail out student debtors like they do banks (Bank Of America). Do you agree?