Hello from California, and local organizing questions

Hi all, I’m Lisa, deep into six-figure federal student debt after an undergrad degree here in the US and a master’s and PhD in the UK, which have all proven not to be worth the paper they’re printed on in the job market. Since finishing my PhD in 2018 and submitting hundreds of job applications, I’ve had three jobs: two part-time, minimum wage food service positions and one part-time entry-level admin job (under a sexually harassing boss who knew I was desperate for employment).

I’m finding the collective’s website a bit unruly to navigate, but I’m interested in starting a local branch in my area (Monterey County, California), and I’m hoping to encourage others to start local branches as well - I think scaring the hell out of local reps is our best shot at winning full student debt cancellation. Can anyone tell me where/how members can start new local branches, and what support resources are available for local organizers to help us recruit members and place pressure on congressional reps?

Thanks so much for any guidance - really delighted to be part of the union!


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Say hello everyone!