Disability and default student loans. Can I afford to work?

Private schools abused FASFA. What Government Accountability and Conflict of interest, pursuant to law(s), required DE(dept of education) to document and review ethical standings? Usual Babel. Being disabled in the current economy, PLEASE LIST YOUR PLIGHT, I.e. Diabetes Mellitus type 1, which I have. Unqualified for any public assistance from state. Some trouble lately with novolog but lantus is easy to get through patience assistance. Cannot have any medical coverage, as well meet certain criteria. Blessed to have Mom who helps with the cheaper supplies and various other things. When I have worked I paid my portion of bills and gave a bit more to my mother. Done chores. Essentially being a Member of Society. Still have not paid a cent towards the ScamTUDENT LOANS. One contributing factor to Free Higher Education is availability and a tool which an individual may utilize in preparation of an Itenary. STOP JOBS STATING LACK OF TALENT WITH AN IMAGINARY CHECKLIST. I never took economics to my recollection. Wouldn’t Businesses want to collaborate with Universities and Colleges concerning the skill sets imparted to future workers from the courses’ workload? Apologies lot of directions. My main goal is for those with disabilities who must take medicine, quit working if you can get more help to live.

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